For the Romanian business community, the concept of One-Stop-Shop means delivering turnkey solutions for busy clients, especially, clients who want to find all the services under the same roof. And what defines VTM is precisely this concept, providing complete services from various fields, in order to meet the businesses of its customers: complete accounting services, business consultancy, legal assistance, management services, consultancy on accessing European Funds, IT services, but also human resources (or HR, as they are commonly referred to), and the list can continue. For those busy people who do not have time, VTM as a One-Stop-Shop is the ideal place to find solutions to any business issues they might encounter.

What does exactly HR mean in the whole equation?

The services offered by VTM in the HR area are complete and flexible at the same time and tailored to the needs of each client. The HR area of VTM has known a continuous development and it grows and accumulates new strengths: more precisely that of Enter HR specialists. The new HR team of VTM offers the most diverse range of services in the field: Do you have to report a last-minute job in Revisal, even outside the schedule? Do you want to recruit? Do you want a functional payroll or bonus system? Do you want to offer training courses for your employees, but do not know exactly what kind of courses to which employees to refer to? These, and not only, you find them under the same roof.

Throughout our assembled experience, we have been able to become an integral part of our clients’ businesses by channeling all our efforts to solve staff problems and providing specialist advice on labor law and strategic human resources issues (Eg. related to performance), so that the customer remains focused on its core business. We are proud of the very good relationship we have with our clients, with the increased attention we give to the details and with our team. We believe in that “personal touch” and support from the entire team, which our clients really appreciate.

 And now some details on the HR services …


Wages will always be paid correctly and on time! In addition to this slogan, we are aware of the efficiency we can offer related to a significant cost reduction along with full privacy on data. Among the VTM payroll services, we can mention: Payroll processing (including salary statements requested by the authorities and fiscal charts); Personnel files administration; Relationship with authorities; Analyses and reports concerning human capital; Audit and check-up of payroll charts, personnel files, salary taxes, etc.

Personnel Management Services

VTM offers personnel management services to help you focus on your business development, letting us deal with the bureaucratic, but necessary work in a human resources department. You will also always be informed with the new legislative changes and regulations!

The personnel management services offered by VTM include, among others: Audit of personnel files, Preparation of individual labor contracts, additional acts, suspension decisions, etc., Operations or changes in Revisal – the electronic database, etc.

Consultancy in Labor Law

The consultancy offered by the VTM HR specialists has both a proactive component, through the regular transmission of legislative newsletters with the changes in the labor law provisions to its clients, as well as a reactive one, by answering the clients’ questions regarding specific cases in their activity. VTM’s responses are descriptive, interpretative, including drafts of documents where appropriate, and are based both on the knowledge of the legislation in force and on experience in working with State Authorities.

Expat Services

VTM’s expat services include:

  • Assistance in obtaining the right of residence and work permit for foreign citizens
  • Assistance in obtaining Form A1 (former Form E101)
  • Assistance regarding the registration of foreign citizens to the competent authorities in Romania
  • Assistance to obtain a study equivalence certificate for both foreign citizens and EU citizens
  • Obtaining Fiscal Residence Certificates.

Job Descriptions, Internal Regulation, Collective Labor Agreement

With our open and flexible approach to each client’s activity, we are able to perfectly match the legal requirements and employers’ wishes, also in line with the requirements of multinational corporations. We focus on the preventive side of our activity and we believe that a labor dispute is the last solution in the employee-employer relationship, but we do everything we can to prepare you for such an unpleasant event.

Selection and Recruitment Services

If we were to choose 5 words to express our approach to selection and recruitment services, we recall: passion, professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and dedication.

Our mission is to create long-term partnerships with our clients based on integrity, dedication and mutual trust. It is our responsibility to get to know your business in detail, to make sure we help you reach your goals. Our aim is to become your reliable partner!

Whether we are talking about entry level or senior management positions, recruitment projects are customizable. The procedures for recruitment and selection will be quick and efficient and the most important aspect that we will consider will be the client’s requirements.

 Organizational Diagnosis

Organizational Diagnosis is the process of recognizing and understanding those elements that determine the way an organization works. This diagnosis can be focused on working procedures or interpersonal relationships, as well as on management style, leadership, employee attitudes (engagement, responsibility, teamwork), or motivational and satisfaction factors, goals and organizational skills, or management strategy and policies. A diagnosis is run bazed on organizational and individual analyses, including: Analysis of the structure and culture of the organization; Analysis on the employees’ engagement degree; Inter-organizational and conflict cooperation; Dynamics, cohesion, networks and roles; Skills, motivation, performance, personality, etc.

Competency Evaluation

By assessing the professional competencies of an employee, is expected from him/her to fulfill every component described by his activity, at the level of quality required by the occupational standard, as well as his/her level of knowledge (the theoretical notions necessary for practicing the occupation / qualification chosen). A competency assessment also covers the way the candidate carries out the specific activities of his / her occupation (including attitude, behavior, responsibility, seriousness, consistency, precision) throughout the work process.

Thus, the goal of a competency evaluation lies in improving the individual’s performance and efficiency of the organization.

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management is a cyclical process based on three fundamental steps:

  • Goal setting;
  • Performance monitoring, and
  • Performance evaluating, which implies both a formal approach to the whole process and the feedback related to the actions taken and the results obtained.

The components of the organizational performance are related to the allocated resources, the control functions within the organization, the procedures of the activities, as well as the output, feedback and the results obtained. Thus, each system created is different from one company to another, and the HR team of VTM adapts to the needs of its customers, creating performance management systems tailored to the specifics of its customers.

Training Needs Assesment / Strategic Development

There is a need for training when there are differences between the desired performance and the actual skills of the employees. Every company needs to know the training needs of its employees before contracting a training in order for the training to be useful. An assessment process is one that serves as a diagnostic tool for determining what training needs to take place. On a strategic level, it is necessary to determine what training needs to be developed to help individuals and the organization accomplish together their goals and objectives. An assessment that looks at employee and organizational knowledges, skills, and abilities, to identify any gaps or areas of need could be structured as follows:

  • Identify existing gaps and establish a development plan;
  • Implementation – specific training courses on different identified areas;
  • Evaluation – analysis of the progress achieved.

Courses offered by VTM’s HR specialists: Analytical and problem-solving strategies, The Structure and Lines of Communication in an Organization, Teamwork, Leadership, Ethical Standards, Organizational Flexibility, Employee Motivation Systems, Change Management, Succession Planning, Efficiency Management.