Once upon a time, around the year 1500, when Stefan The Great was fighting the Turks with an average success, an Italian monk named Luca Pacciolo decided to give us a job 500 years later. He invented accounting. Of course, thousands of years before, the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Babylonians made sure that Pacciolo will have everything he needed for that.

After this magnificent invention, nobody could stop the accountants of the world in developing it and making it so complicated that only people with serious financial skills could understand it. The accountants, also called beankeepers or double-entry deviants didn’t quite manage to explain what exactly they were doing. That is why people are usually calling their accountants only if they have to.

We want to change the way you perceive accountants. Our aim with this web-magazine, as well as our ventures in social media, is to create an open dialogue between us and all of you. Today’s world is increasingly becoming more and more financially aware and we embrace that. It is so crucial to read and understand your financial statements, to budget and to be aware of new laws and regulations that may affect you. We know that planning for your new business or preparing your taxes is a big headache that requires lots of coffee and patience. Our aim is to create the kind of relationship with our clients that gives them peace of mind. But we always have coffee here, just in case you need it.

We are a family here, and we want to invite you to be a part of it. Stay tuned to our magazine, to get to know us as we educate you on the tax and financial matters going on nationally and locally, as well as anything else we think is important for you to know. We might not be as fascinating as The Seinfeld, but we promise to make our posts worth your time.